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Evangelia “Angie” Papageorge

Photo Tour 2019

Evangelia “Angie” Papageorge

Evangelia “Angie” Papageorge Pan-Macedonian Society Leader

Angie was twenty years old when she immigrated to America in 1962. She joined the Amalia Chapter of the Pan Macedonian Society of Philadelphia in 1963 and became the secretary in 1964, serving for eight years. She went on to serve as President in 1975 and 1976. In 1977, as General Secretary of the 1977 National Convention in Greece, she worked twenty-five hours per week for a year putting together perhaps the most memorable Pan Macedonian National Convention ever – and then she repeated this as General Secretary of the very successful 1980 National Convention in Philadelphia.

She went on to serve in every year and in every administration of our society. She served and assisted Supreme (national) Presidents emanating from our Chapter. She assisted in planning and producing so many events and programs.

She was always there – she never said no. Over the many years, she may have given more time and devotion to the Society than anyone else. Because of members like her, the Pan-Macedonian Society of Greater Philadelphia has been so successful. The Society honored Angie at their Election Dinner in 2010.

When I first met Angie – now over forty years ago, I remember the girl with the dark hair, the sparkling eyes and a smile that lit up a room. When she spoke, your attention was riveted. She was humorous, sweet, precious, helpful and concerned. She was dynamic!

I once saw a painting of a Greek Revolutionary, beautiful, fiery and intelligent. Her name was Bouboulina. Whenever I saw that painting I thought of Angie. Her beautiful memory lives in the hearts of the Pan Macedonians. In that sense, her spirit lives on eternally.

Written by George Wm. Georges, Esq.