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About Us

We are a volunteer-based organization with a mission of preserving and promoting Hellenism and the Greek-American experience in Philadelphia and the Delaware Valley, with a goal of reconnecting both youth and adults to their common heritage.

GAHSP is developing and preserving online content including artifacts, photographs, recordings, documentaries, and video interviews of local Greek American historical significance. In addition, our staff and volunteers collaborate to develop and sponsor programming showcasing the many different aspects of the community. Some of these programs comprise of the Greek immigrant’s experience in America, the Greek-owned diners and restaurants, the extraordinary Greek-American women, and the Greek-American bands that have entertained us for over a century. GAHSP is also creating the “Greeks of…” section where specific communities can showcase the history of the Greek community, such as Greeks of Reading and Greeks of Upper Darby. GAHSP is constantly creating new programs and events to meet our mission and goals.

GAHSP works on the premise that we all have special talents and skills that we share to make a stronger community and meet the goals of our organization. When we couple this, along with an innate desire to give back, and our common philhellenic thread which inspires us to collaborate across generations and affiliated organizations to further nurture our Greek American community. A community which has been so much a part of our lives.

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