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Our Mission

Mission Statement

Preserving and Promoting Hellenism in Philadelphia:

which will Inspire social change and trigger personal growth by reconnecting both youth and adults to their heritage.


Our goal is to sponsor events designed for people of all backgrounds to illustrate Greek values, build community, and inspire excitement about our individual heritages.

We will do this by:

  1. Creating educational and cultural programs and exhibits where young people from all walks of life can become enthused about the wisdom and knowledge of the ancient people of Greece by being exposed to the teachings, ideals, culture, and ethos of Hellenism as well as being stimulated by the personal histories of modern Greek Americans.
  2. Establishing a Heritage Center that will host education and cultural programs, various exhibits and displays, and collect, display and archive material that documents the history and contributions of the Greek American community in greater Philadelphia.

Of special note is our emphasis:

Our focus is on youth development. Specifically, equipping and empowering young people to create their own future. The knowledge that comprised the ancient Greek world of science, mathematics, language, theatre, architecture, sculpture, ethics and the Olympic Games will be emphasized.

The history, heritage and contributions of Greeks throughout time as well as Greek Americans will be highlighted. Outreach and enrichment programs will be delivered on site to schools and youth groups.