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One of the ways that the Greek American Heritage Society is building the history of Hellenism in our community and enriching its historical content is by preserving one story at a time. An Oral Biography Sponsorship can ensure that the story of a family member or friend whose life or accomplishments have had a historical significance that has shaped our community can be preserved and shared.

The Greek American Heritage Society has partnered with Cosmos Philly to professionally produce media-based programming that highlights stories of individuals that built the rich heritage of our community. The two organizations collaborate to conduct video-based oral histories of individuals and groups.

These oral histories provide a means to collect and document the stories of various members of our community. Highlights of each oral history are edited into a short video and the raw footage of the overall interview is indexed and stored in the Greek American Heritage Society’s archive and website.

Consider a sponsorship to help tell one of these fascinating stories.

For questions please call (267) 225-3951.