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Eralia “Elly” Agapitides

Photo Tour 2019

Eralia “Elly” Agapitides

Eralia “Elly” Agapitides “Greek Voice” Radio Station Host

Eralia “Elly” Agapitides came to the United States from Chios, Greece, with her family at a young age. She was gifted with a love of life in the most simple form. She was quite active in the St. George Greek Orthodox Community with the choir. This involvement led to her connection with Georgia and Savas Generalis, hosting regular programs on the “Greek Voice” radio station.

Elly began teaching Sunday School at St. George Greek Orthodox Cathedral. Her love for children and guiding these young minds and individuals stayed with her and just grew with her commitment to furthering their studies and helping mold generations to the Christian lifestyle and to the Greek Orthodox Heritage.

Elly and her husband Manny and their daughters, Valli and Aleka, settled in the St. Luke’s Greek Orthodox Community after many years abroad. Elly carried on the tradition of her Sunday School teaching as a much beloved first-grade teacher. She taught many generations of families and all who came across “Miss Elly” loved her style and the way she captured the children’s attention and fortified them with interest and love. To this day, the legacy of Miss Elly lives on. Her faith spurred her on and her fondness for guiding the young lives to know and love Jesus and His Church remains her legacy as well as her involvement with anything she was asked to do, from helping establish the first “Monastiraki” at the “Greek Affair” and further flea market involvement to her love of teaching and supporting the youth and her commitment to Greek Orthodox faith, she gave her time and energy unselfishly to all she was tasked to do.

In 2016, she was recognized posthumously for her involvement and dedication to her over fifty years of Sunday School teaching and her dedication to the St. Luke’s Greek Orthodox Community. She will remain to all a treasured soul who loved not only her family but life and her Church family as well. She led a life worth living, filled with unselfish love for all. Elly celebrated each moment she was given.