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Eleni Zarbalas-Pantaridis

Photo Tour 2019

Eleni Zarbalas-Pantaridis

Eleni Zarbalas-Pantaridis Roller Derby Skater

Eleni was born and raised in the historic Greek community of Upper Darby just outside West Philadelphia.

Of her career, Eleni says, “In order to be a good roller derby skater, you have to go in with the idea, that there’s always room to grow, you’re always going to learn something, you never reach a peak, so you have to work hard, train hard, have some humility, but at the same time have some confidence in yourself and in the other skaters on the track with you.”

In 2014, Eleni Zarbalas-Pantaridis participated with Team Greece at the “Blood & Thunder” Roller Derby World Cup in Dallas, Texas. Her love of sport and country are evident as she continues her efforts. She is working with the Roller Sports committee in Thessaloniki, to make sure that Team Greece has a presence in Barcelona in the 2016 World Cup.

Eleni was honored recently at the Philadelphia Greek Basketball League (PGBL) annual banquet. An attorney and mother of two, she resides in Florida where she continues to skate.