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Eleni Evangelopoulos

Photo Tour 2019

Eleni Evangelopoulos

Eleni Evangelopoulos Dilligent and Dedicated Entrepreneur

In 1950, Andreas and Fotini Evangelopoulos gave birth to their first child, Eleni. Little did they know of the incredible life their daughter would lead, the lives that she would touch, and the contributions she would make.

Born in the village home built by her father in Polikostano, Greece, Eleni was raised surrounded by a determined and loving family, and she has only continued to demonstrate these virtues throughout her life. From a young age, Eleni understood her responsibilities to her family, helping her parents raise her younger siblings and taking care of their animals.

When Eleni began school, she quickly rose to the top of her class, and she had the honor of leading the local Greek Independence Parade. She married Alexander Papageorge at age seventeen, and they immigrated to the United States shortly after.

As a Greek immigrant to America, she faced all the trepidations of a stranger to a new land. Yet she knew that with perseverance and hard work, she stood a chance in America of achieving a better life for her and her family.

Not long after she arrived in America, Eleni had her first child, Maria, and then a second daughter and son, Anna and Nick. She raised her children with great love, devotion, and support.

In 1981, Eleni went into business with the operation of Boston Style Pizza and then added Mediterranean Catering, which became a renowned and successful catering business. Working hard and diligently in her business she built a comfortable life for her family and extended family. After forty years she recently sold her business and retired.

Her sacrifices, dedication, and success which benefited her children, relatives, and friends continue to inspire and be an example to all.

Additionally, Eleni has made lasting contributions to the Greek-American community through service to St. Luke Greek Orthodox Church and St. Sophia Greek Orthodox Church and as President of Amalia, the Ladies Chapter of the Pan Macedonian Society. She lives her life to the fullest and continues to embrace ambitions and opportunities while encouraging others to do the same. She has bestowed lessons of compassion, graciousness, and respect for oneself and others. Her incredible legacy will forever inspire others as an example of how to lead lives of strength, gratitude, and love. The seventeen-year-old girl from Greece has had a remarkable journey.

Submitted by Angelina Scavitto, Eleni’s granddaughter