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Sofia Kontogeorge Kostos

Photo Tour 2019

Sofia Kontogeorge Kostos

Sofia Kontogeorge Kostos Advocate – Artist – Poet

Sofia Kontogeorge Kostos is a Greek-American artist and dedicated advocate for the recognition of Hellenic genocide. Throughout her life, Kostos has explored a variety of mediums including sculpting, photography, and poetry which she uses to shed light on genocide.

Before the Silence is her first published book on the subject. The book is a series of historical news articles chronicling the genocides of Christians who lived in Asia Minor. Many academics reference the book and historical news articles when lecturing on the subject of genocide. Along with her son and poet, Dean Kostos, her poetry has been featured in a book titled Pomegranate Seeds: An Anthology of Greek-American Poetry.

A longtime member of St. George Greek Orthodox Church in Philadelphia, Sofia also spent many years in Cinnaminson, New Jersey, where she was married to Theodore M. Kostos, one of the founders of the Cinnaminson Public Library and Mayor of Cinnaminson. Today, Sophia Kostos continues her campaign for the recognition of the genocide and is active in civic matters in her community.