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Efpraxia “Effie” Bouikidis-Hatzipapafotiou

Photo Tour 2019

Efpraxia “Effie” Bouikidis-Hatzipapafotiou

Efpraxia “Effie” Bouikidis-Hatzipapafotiou Loving Care and Traditional Values

Efpraxia Bouikidis was born in Larisa, Greece in 1961 to Andreas and Theognosia Bouikidis. She immigrated with her family to the United States in 1966. She graduated from Villanova University in 1983 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature and Education.

In 1982, Effie married Dimitri Hatzipapafotiou. They had two girls, Georgia and Alexia. Dimitri said, “They were her pride and joy. She raised them with loving care and our traditional values, and was extremely proud of their accomplishments. Her world was highlighted by the deepest love for family!”

According to Georgia, “Mom was tough but fair. She provided the love, structure, and guidance we needed to succeed in life.” According to Alexia, “Mom was much more than a mom, she was a friend, someone to go out with, take a long walk with, to hang out, and discuss things.”

Effie was a Member of the PanMacedonian Association, serving as president of the Youth of Alexander the Great. She was a Greek language teacher for second grade at the Greek Schools of St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church (2002- 2006) and Academy of Aristotle (2006-2009). Androulla Kasapis, director of the school at St. Demetrios said, “I wished I had more teachers like Effie, as that would have made my job as a director much easier. Her students loved her, and parents respected her”.

Effie loved everything Greek! The land, the food, the music. Her all-time favorite song was Mitropanos’ “Πες μου που πουλάν καρδιές”.

“My wife Effie was everything I ever wanted or needed. She demanded trust and commitment, and in return, she gave no less than herself unreservedly. I consider myself very blessed to have met my soul mate on this earth.”

“The things we loved most about Effie were her beautiful smile, distinct laughter, no-nonsense wit, fearless spirit, and her absolute love of life!”

Submitted by Dimitri, Georgia, and Alexia Hatzipapafotiou