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Lesvia Vlazakis

Photo Tour 2019

Lesvia Vlazakis

Lesvia Vlazakis Loving God and her Greek Heritage

Lesvia Vlazakis was born in Veroia, Greece. She loved growing up there with her twin sister, and would constantly reminisce about her youth and about her mom, Zoi, and all of the important life skills she taught her. Lesvia would tell her loved ones stories about those days as though they were yesterday.

Lesvia married her husband, Andreas Vlazakis, in June of 1955. They had two daughters, and in order to give them a better life, they decided to move to America in 1969.

Lesvia was a graduate of the Thessaloniki School of Art. At the time, in the United States, seamstresses from overseas, with degrees, were in great demand so she and Andreas seized the opportunity to come here. It was because of her drive and persistence that they were able to start their own business, and really live out the American Dream.

Lesvia loved being a part of the Greek community. She was a member of St. George Greek Orthodox Church ever since its original location in Chester, and was the former President of the Ladies of Philoptohos. She was a member of the Pan Macedonian Society of Philadelphia and the Cretan Society of New Jersey.

She loved sewing, cooking, decorating, gardening, and her Greek Heritage, but most important was her church and family. She loved nothing more than being with loved ones and laughing with her whole heart and soul. She loved unconditionally. She would always say that God is Love and Love is infinite. The joy, care, and pride she took in everything she did is how she will always be remembered.

Submitted by Zoi Gianneas McNamara, the granddaughter