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Christos Tsekaris, A Greek Folk Dancers Soul

The Interview Series

The legacy of Greek dancing stretches thousands of years. From ancient to modern times Christos Tsekaris has arguably preserved and taught the traditions better than anyone in the Delaware Valley.

Christos Tsekaris was born in the village of Avgerinos, in Macedonian Greece and arrived in the United States in 1970 at the age of sixteen with his family. Growing up in an immigrant family in Upper Darby, traditions and culture were strong aspects of his life. Tsekaris joined the Pan-Macedonian Dance Troupe of Philadelphia a year after he arrived and continued to contribute to their organization.

He is the current Greek dance instructor at St. Demetrios, where he has taught dance and Greek language for more than 16 years. He has performed all over North America and Greece with the Macedonian Dance Troupe. As the instructor for St. Demetrios Dance group Pegasus, he has led his dancers to region dance contest where they have been recognized and awarded for their traditional folk dances. He also taught the Stefalonians from Kefalonia, another dance group in the Philadelphia Metropolitan area.

He is an authority on the history of Greek Dance that he often teaches to young Greek-American students. Chris Tsekaris’ career has had a career span of two generations (38 years), and he continues to teach dancing in the Greek-American community.

Originally published on Cosmos Philly by Eleftherios Kostans. Video by Vasilis Keisoglou.