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Heritage Center Project Steering Committee formed

March 16, 2011 in General

The Greek American Heritage Society has formed a steering committee to assist the corporation’s Officers as they work to bring the vision of the founder, Mary Creticos into reality. The vision of the Heritage Center is to promote and preserve Greek history and culture.

The following individuals have been named as members of the Steering Committee:

Steering Committee Overview

The purpose of the Steering Committee is to assist in planning and development for the Society’s Heritage Center Project during FY 2011-12.

The Steering Committee will work on the following:

The Committee and its members’ roles may be formalized as part of the organizational governance and management structure of the Heritage Center going forward. The current role is to provide support and guidance to the Officers of the Greek American Heritage Society as they formalize a strategic plan, secure a location and begin Heritage Center operations.

A number of stakeholder briefings, roundtables, and focus groups will be scheduled soon. First steps in Programming and Exhibit Development will be taken. It is expected that Steering Committee members will support those efforts.

The level of involvement in the Steering Committee will vary with some members attending conference calls or being on a project team. Others will be very active in the planning process and provide significant leadership. Members will determine their stake in the future success and perpetuity of the Heritage Center.

The Steering Committee will have a quarterly formal meeting and be supplemented with monthly conference calls with formal agendas. The Committee will organize itself into individual work teams with assigned tasks as necessary.

Michael K. Pahides will serve as staff leader to the committee as Director of Development. Peter B. Christie will also provide leadership to the committee.

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