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Thomas Gotzis, Church Founder

The Interview Series

When the founding members of St. Thomas Greek Orthodox Church came together to create a new church, Thomas Gotzis was there. A pivotal member of the church and AHEPA chapter 69 (Camden), he has been a quiet witness and participant through his parishes history.

Born and raised in Millville New Jersey, Gotzis is a 1st generation Greek-American whose family hails from Northern Epirus Greece. He moved to Collingswood New Jersey in the 60’s with his family and worked as a civil engineer with Philadelphia Electric. He was the chairman of the construction of St. Thomas Greek Orthodox church and chaired the 1st expansion in 1977.

Retired, he spends his social time with the famed “Kali Parea”. Like a modern day Greek coffee house, this social organization (for senior Greek men) gathers at St. Thomas regularly and reflects on current events and Hellenism.