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Bertha “Panagiotsa” Rorres, Life at 100

The Interview Series

“When I came to America, I was a young girl from a village. It was like a dream”, says Bertha (Panagiotsa) Rorres. Born and raised in Laconia Greece, she arrived in the United States in 1937. She came as a young bride of Harry (Argyrios) Rorres and settled in historic Greektown in Philadelphia and later the Greektown in Upper Darby.

Three quarters of century later, Rorres embodies the Greek-American journey in Philadelphia. Having lived through both Greek towns she has witnessed how our community evolved through till the 21st century.

An active member of several churches and a philoptochos member her story embodies the experience many immigrants have traveled. This past January she celebrated her 100th birthday with family and friends at Estia Restaurant. Today she spends her time reading and learning.

Originally published on Cosmos Philly by Eleftherios Kostans. Video by Vasilis Keisoglou.

This video was sponsored by the Poulimenos family.