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Augie Pantellas, Boxer

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Born a second-generation Greek-American in Philadelphia, he achieved fame in the 70’s as a Jr. lightweight boxer and nearly contended for the championship of the world. August Sokratis Pantellis, (aka. the Greek Bomber / Broomall Bomber), known as Augie Pantellas today, nearly made history again this past summer, at the age of 70.

A July 7th schedule 3 round bout would have put him in the Guinness World record for the oldest man to compete in a boxing match. But because of some issues with the promoter, the match never happened.

Pantelis grew up in a Greek family centered around the St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox church community in West Philadelphia.

His natural strength and ability to overpower competitors first in street fights, then as a wrestler, led him to a career as a boxer. The turbulent era of the 60’s and 70’s in America had great influence and had taken a toll on Pantellis. He left the boxing world and returned briefly at the end of the 70’s where he had begun his career. There, he left his mark on the boxing world as a strong-willed and tireless hard hitting boxer, who fought often against the odds of larger opponents.

Today, at the age of 70, Pantellis is a man of faith and believes that his upbringing as a Christian saved his life. A father of 6 and family man, he continues to teach boxing and reflects on the importance of faith.