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Hellenic Heritage Heroes

We all have known certain individuals who have impacted our lives, the lives of those we are aware and of our community. Those unsung heroes who have lived among us. Those dedicated pioneers who did so much to establish their families and the Greek American community in the new world. Leaving everything behind, they came and made the sacrifices necessary for others to succeed in this new place, this new country – America.

These Hellenic Heroes have dug deep roots in the American Society and have given us a place to stand as proud Greek Americans. While some of them did not get the recognition they deserved during their lifetime, the Greek American Heritage Museum wants to recall and document their lasting contributions to our community. As we say, “May their memory be eternal.”

The Hellenic Heritage Heroes documentary series captures the personal stories and accomplishments of those Hellenic Heritage Heroes to provide us the opportunity to reflect and understand how their efforts have shaped us and our community today. Through videos, images, interviews with family members, associates, and friends, this film series honors those Greek-American pioneers, whose passion and dedication has not gotten all the recognition they deserve. These films are a tribute to the Greek spirit and ethos. The stories of these modern Greek Heroes will be preserved in the digital library of the Greek American Heritage Society of Philadelphia for future generations.