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The Greek-American Heritage Society of Philadelphia (GAHSP) is proud to collaborate with producer and filmmaker, Eleftherios Kostans, in the development and production of a unique and introspective documentary film. This film will introduce the little known history of Philadelphia’s support and ties to the Greek War of Independence, and highlight how Phil- Hellenes in America embraced and echoed Greek values during that period.

Narrated by Greek-American Professor of History, Alexander Kitroeff, the film will introduce the viewer to early 19th century Philadelphia and utilize a collection of montages, interviews, and moving, in-depth storytelling. The significant and distinct associations that are woven throughout the film, will bring the city’s historic past and it’s connection to the Greek War of Independence to light in a deep and meaningful way.


March 25, 1821 - In the ancient birthplace of Socrates, Pericles, and Themistocles, Greece raised its banner of freedom and declared its independence, throwing off the oppression of the Ottoman Turks and 400 years of occupation and slavery.

Here in Philadelphia, Phil-Hellenes rose in response and support of liberty for their beloved Greek comrades. They used the means of publications, church sermons, paintings, even poems, to petition, beseech and appeal to their fellow citizens for this heart-felt cause. Thousands of dollars were raised to purchase food, clothing, and medical supplies, which were then shipped directly from Philadelphia to our brethren in Greece.

The United States, which had recently won its independence, looked to the Greek War of Independence (1821-1830) as well as to the Hellenic ideals that ultimately played a pivotal role in its growth and development. These ideals, along with Greece’s rich history, architecture, literature, and teachings are evident in and around the city today.

Philadelphia Phil-Hellenes


  • ELEFTHERIOS KOSTANS (Producer/Director/Editor/Photographer)
    Eleftherios Kostans is a veteran international photographer who has worked for a variety of organizations, agencies, and publications, developing stories, news, and films about the Greek community of Philadelphia. He serves as the media representative of GAHSP, Vice-President of 69th Street Productions, and is co-founder of Cosmos Philly, a community-based Web TV and media program.
  • KOSTIS KOURELIS, PhD (Historian/Scripting/Consulting)
    Kostis Kourelis is an architectural historian and archaeologist and faculty member at Franklin & Marshall College in the Art & Art History Department. His fieldwork focuses on settlements, landscapes, and vernacular architecture, and he has also excavated in Greece, Italy, Tunisia, and Ukraine.
  • CHRIS KOTSAKIS (Animation/Graphics/Consulting)
    Chris has worked in all fields of illustration including advertising, editorial, and publishing, with numerous clients through the years, including Scholastic, Inc., Dell Publishing, Fleer, Leapfrog, Digitas, The National Storytelling Foundation, and Marvel and DC Comics. In 2016, Chris co- founded Artistacon, a mentorship conference for emerging professional artists and writers.
  • DAVID GEORGE (Voice Actor)
    David George is a writer, photographer, filmmaker, songwriter, voice over artist, and blogger. His documentary “The Battle of Little Sayler’s Creek” premiered on The Documentary Channel in 2012, and has recently collaborated with Grammy-nominated composer Michael Hoppe, to produce a collection of songs that have been released internationally.
  • ALEXANDER KITROEFF, D.PHIL (Narration/Scripting/Consulting)
    Alexander Kitroeff is a Professor of History at Haverford College since 1996. He is continuing his collaboration with film director Maria Iliou as a historical consultant for five documentaries, the most recent being “Athens from East to West 1821-1896,” a five-part film series on the history of Modern Athens, which premiered at the Benaki Museum in Athens in early 2020.
  • TOM KOVELESKIE (Cinematographer/Editor)
    Tom is a veteran of the film industry with over 35-years of experience. He has worked throughout Europe, Russia and the United States on many documentary projects, directing, scripting, shooting and producing. He is currently preparing to shoot a movie in Eastern Europe where he has partnered with several production companies.
  • HARRY J. KARAPALIDES, ESQUIRE (Historian/Scripting/Consulting)
    Harry is a published author of historical novels and non-fiction work, magazine articles, and internet articles and blogs. His text book on the American Revolution has been used in archaeological digs in Williamsburg, Virginia, and other revolutionary war locations. Harry has recently appeared in the film, Impact Factor, to be released in late 2021.
  • ADAM GOLDMAN (Producer/Engineer/Musician)
    Adam Goldman is a multi-instrumentalist producer/engineer with over 35 years of experience in music and audio recording and producing. He has worked on hundreds of different projects involving composing, playing, engineering, editing, mixing, and mastering audio recordings. A native of West Philadelphia, he owns and operates Audiomind, Incorporated recording studio.


With your generous support, we hope this project will serve as another symbolic effort of the Greek American Heritage Society of Philadelphia’s ideals to promote its mission, community and Hellenic heritage.

The Greek American Heritage Society of Philadelphia is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charitable organization and all donations are tax-deductible.


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