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Highlighting the rich heritage of our community

June 15, 2013 in General

The Greek American Heritage Society (GAHSP) is partnering with Cosmos Philly to produce media based programming that highlights the rich heritage of our community. The two organizations decided to work together to conduct video based oral histories of individuals and groups.

These oral histories will provide a means to collect and document the stories of various members of our community. Highlights of each oral history will be edited into a short video and the raw footage of the overall interview will be indexed and stored in the Greek American Heritage Society’s archive.

Cosmos Philly and the Heritage Society have planned to produce an initial series of 10 individual oral histories and three oral histories on regional groups such as societies, clubs or Church communities. The oral history project will create an initial mosaic of stories and demonstrate the value of oral histories to our community.

Dr. Alexander Kitroeff suggested that this project would provide significant historic information that could set the stage for other projects designed to document the early history of individuals, families and organizations of the regional Greek American community. “These oral histories of members of the regional Greek American Community are a great first step in developing materials to display our common heritage as Greek Americans in the Delaware Valley”, Dr. Kitroeff remarked.

Nick Yiantsos, 1st Vice President of the GAHSP stated that “the Heritage Society seeks to create programs that reconnect young and adults to their Greek Heritage and in partnership with Cosmos Philly we will make a great start.”

“We are looking forward to our partnership with the Heritage Society”, said Eleftherios Kostans of Cosmos Philly, “Our coverage of recent events and our news stories will become the future archives that document the history of our community.” Dr. Elias Iliades commented that “having these two organizations work together to capture stories and recollections of the past will bring lasting value for generations to come”.

The Heritage Society is working to sustain and create archives that demonstrate the Heritage of the Greek American Community of the Greater Philadelphia Region.

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